Generous nature

I cook using taste, desire, passion. The day on which these three words lose meaning to me, I will stop. I would no longer grow the herbs, fruit and vegetables that I have toiled over for so many years.

We share a common passion with our suppliers; a passion for the beautiful and good things in life. So our foie gras is always delivered in perfect condition, without discolouration. My friend Thierry catches our mackerel himself, and travels up to Roscoff to bring us abalone directly and goes to Lannion for rope-grown mussels and rays. Annie Bertin grows the vegetables organically in Vendel; a unique place for a unique personality. Free-range pigs fed on acorns and apples, poultry farms, Correze veal, Occitan lamb, the pastry chef treats himself to Australian macadamia nuts, Piedmont hazelnuts, Marcona almonds, pistachios from Sicily, and from Sabine, a region to the north of Rome, we receive an exceptional virgin oil. Vanilla which is one hundred percent sourced from Sainte Suzanne, Reunion, peppers brought back from Cameroon by some customers, cloves from the Maluku islands. Here is where the spice route begins; right on my desk while reading about spices from India, Indian trading posts and states, the Dutch influence on the Sunda islands, from Mesopotamia to Apicius to the "Good King Henry", coming to a standstill in the kitchen where I am motivated by two syllables : PLEASURE... shared.