Flavours of the day

In Caïus, deliveries, like customers, are a daily occurrence... There are no rules, no obligations, no real constraints. Just a single watchword : Freedom. Here we peel, crush, cut, chop, knead, mash, roast, crack and mix, slice, tie up with string, look at and caress our products, but most of all we respect them... Whether they are to be cooked or not they will be chalked up on the blackboard by 11am to be presented in their simplest form... The 42 Euro set menu includes a handful of starters, main courses and desserts.

Caïus is a lively place, full of history, and with a generous and friendly clientele that is both interested as well as interesting itself. Conversation in the kitchen is both humorous and harmonious. But there is one thing that drives all members of staff : Passion and the will to do their job well...

The essentials :

STARTERS Gnocchi d'Agria à la casserole, sauce parmesan truffes / Gambas roulées cajun, fenouil rape, sauce soja / Œuf coque caviar de harengs, brioche façon pain perdu / Velouté potimarron orange badiane / Dorade royale et huîtres D. Hervé au couteau, sésame bio vinaigre de riz

MAIN COURSES Volaille fermière étouffée au foin de crau / Canette filet plancha au sumac / Boeuf confit tonka baies de Niora / Dos de cabillaud citronnelle combawa / Rascasse au sautoir, ragoût de courgette curcuma et bouchots

DESSERTS Pastilla au lait, granité thé vert / Moelleux chocolat pure plantation Criollo Venezuela / Ananas confit poivre long, turbiné coco / Rhubarbe cocotte, biscuit Streussel, crème fouettée mascarpone

Caïus is open from Monday to Friday / For lunch from 12PM until 2PM / For dinner from 7.30PM to 10.30PM

Closed on Saturday and Sunday / 3 weeks in August / From December 23 to January 4

Dogs and crocodiles are not allowed

42 Euro Set menu / Tasting menu : Contact us

The entire restaurant can be reserved, with the kitchen open

Zinc Caïus / 11 rue d'Armaillé / 75017 Paris
Telephone : 01 42 27 19 20 /
Fax : 01 40 55 00 93