• Salon Gourmand Award 2008 Brussels
    (coffee table book category)
  • Antonin Carême Award 2009
  • Available in book shops
    and in the Caïus restaurant
  • 45 spices
    45 recipes
    45 Euros

Le cuisinier et le parfumeur

We first met on the corner of my street : Blaise Mautin was, before becoming a perfumer, my neighbour... A kind-hearted man, he would come to the Caïus storeroom to bring us deliveries of essential oils from Grasse, the result of his long journeys in search of the most precious elixirs... With Blaise, madame's perfume is always a "bespoke" creation, like no other... Alone in his lab, he tries out the different scents, experimenting with them over many hours to find the best matches to ensure success... Whilst quietly getting on with his work one day, handling a jar filled with elongated pepper originating from the foothills of the Himalayas, the idea just came to him, out of the blue : "green apple prune". Just like that, using the pyramid principle so beloved by perfumers (top note, followed by the middle note and base note) Blaise shattered the beliefs I held on this pepper I'd worked with for over fifteen years... The laurel and citrus notes, which were part of my world, something I felt comfortable with, began to collapse... The verdict was clear... The oxidation of a granny smith apple in a blender a few days later would, after reflection, provide me with the evidence: this man was right... A unique opportunity presented itself to us  : To allow Blaise to put his nose to work for us, to use his analysis of scent and to carry it over into the kitchen while respecting the principle of olfactory decomposition... Known for playing with shadows and light, with a sophisticated and methodical approach to her craft, the talent of Carrie Solomon, a renowned photographer, would do the rest...


Each year, Caïus is supplied with wonderful duck foie gras from outdoor raised, corn fed male mulard ducks... Cooked in cheesecloth with salt, they are prepared and packaged to be delivered to our customers... Some are shipped abroad : Africa, the United States, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Spain, China have long been sold on our products. The most traditional Christmas products are delivered to our clients and enjoyed during the festive period : gingerbread, quince cooked in honey and Moluccas' cloves, young rabbit rillettes with foie gras, fattened hen from the Bressan region, truffles from the Var, hare royale, farm pig in hay, sausage from the Bearn...